Sample Projects

Forensic Engineering

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  • FOR1a
  • Yorkville Road Sinkhole


    This huge canyon in Prince George's County, MD was formed by an instantaneous sinking of the earth above an underground water flow. Several homes were severely damaged. We examined all of the homes to determine the extent of the damage; the extent of undermining of their foundations; the safety measures required; and the necessary remedial action.
  • FOR2a
  • Fire Damaged Building


    This assignment involved determination of the extent of damage to the Baltimore American Ice Company Buildings following a major fire. Only a small portion of the one historic masonry building was deemed salvageable as the damage to the other buildings was extremely extensive.
  • FOR3a
  • Hurricane Isabel Damage


    Investigated countless homes for insurance companies to determine the amount of structural damage sustained as a result of Hurricane Isabel. It was found that while the storm did indeed cause substantial damage to many homes, there were other issues at play as well such as rot and massive insect infestation.
  • FOR4a
  • Bridge Collapse


    This investigation was done to determine the exact cause of the collapse of this bridge in rural Pennsylvania. The work included a field inspection and load rating calculations. Our calculations revealed that the bridge was only designed for a live load of 6 tons and that the truck that caused the collapse weighed over 36 tons.
  • FOR5a
  • Tornado Damage


    Immediate inspection of this home was required following a F3 magnitude tornado that touched down near Hershey, PA in 2004. The damage was very severe and required the complete reconstruction of the second floor of the house and the entire garage.


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