Sample Projects

Miscellaneous Structures

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  • MISC1a
  • Conway Street Tunnel


    This tunnel structure starts in the median of Conway Street, and turns 90 degrees underground to connect to the Baltimore Convention Center. The tunnel provides access for delivery trucks entering the Convention Center and was constructed by cut-and-cover techniques. Portions of the tunnel were constructed using and array of steel beams and other portions were completely constructed using cast-in-place concrete.
  • MISC2a
  • UMBC Tunnel


    Designed as a conduit for a variety of utilities and travel of pedestrians, this tunnel on the UMBC campus is over 700' long. The tunnel was designed as a precast, post-tensioned structure. Several cast-in-place segments were also necessary to accommodate severe changes in elevation and to interface with the buildings adjoined.
  • MISC3a
  • I-295 Gantry Structure


    This project involved the design of numerous sign support structures including this aluminum "gantry" structure on I-295 at the approach to the Delaware Memorial Bridge. The aluminum truss structure spans 90' and supports a 4,000 pound variable message sign (VMS). The structure features aluminum catwalks and ladders that facilitate maintenance of the VMS.
  • MISC4a
  • Route 896 Culvert


    This cast-in-place concrete box culvert on Delaware Route 896 was built in stages to allow for maintenance of traffic needs during the widening and improvement of Route 896. This required a detailed stream diversion and phasing plan. The design was done by the LFD method and the plans included reinforcing steel detailing.
  • MISC5a
  • MTA Northwest Line Inspection


    This project involved inspection of the aerial structures of MTA's Northwest Line including six aerial stations and 6 miles of bridge structure. Along with the customary report items such as recommendations, cost estimates, etc., the work also included detailed sketches of every structural element showing all defects.


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